Making The Most of The Space In Your Home

Making space in your Lancaster County home

When friends and relatives come by to visit you, you want everyone to be comfortable. With a little forethought and ingenuity even a smaller home can be more spacious than you could have imagined.

Rather than just a bunch of rooms that are only used for their originally-intended purpose, your home can be a reflection of your personality and a flexible extension of your lifestyle.

Rooms can serve a dual purpose if you have limited space in your home, and these tips will help you open up your thinking and make the most of the space you have:

Your living room can be the best multi-purpose room in your home. A simple drop-front style secretary with shelves and drawers can turn your living room into a craft or hobby area by day, while you can close everything up for dinner parties or entertaining in the evening.

If you don’t really have formal dinner parties, your dining room can be used as a home office. If you have a fireplace, a coffee table with cushions in front of it can make a very fun and cozy dining area. Of course, if you use a dining room table for your workspace, you can store your work materials in another room if you need the table for guests.

Your bedroom can be a quiet retreat with the addition of built-in or freestanding shelves. Add a recliner or other comfortable chair and a nice lamp and you can easily turn part of your bedroom into a “library.”

Click here for a nice post on even more ways to create space in your home.

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