Making the Most of Your Home Office Space

More people are working from home now than ever before. More and more people are dedicating areas in their homes to be used as full-time home offices. Whatever the size, here are some tips for maximum efficiency in designing and equipping your home office:

1. Be organized. Make the most your home office space by using uniformly sized storage containers to store important papers and office supplies. The uniform size will be a better fit in your office space and eliminate most wasted space.

2. Ergonomic chairs and wrist pads help prevent carpel tunnel syndrome, as typing has become more common than writing in the computer age. Also, be sure your monitor is at a height where you’re not looking down at it.

3. Don’t worry about size. Walk-in closets and other unassuming spaces have been converted into completely functional offices. You may not need a large office for meeting people or holding meetings, but you do need to have room for the basics necessary for running your business and doing your work:)

4. Use technology to your advantage. Laptops are more powerful than ever (as powerful as any desktops nowadays) Today’s thin monitors and the power of modern wi-fi allows for both maximum functionality and efficiency. Tools like Vonage, MagicJack and Skype also allow for low-cost long distance communication through your computer.

For more tips and hands-on help with Lancaster County PA real estate , give me a call at (717) 413-2749.


~ by bobenglishsellshomes on December 13, 2011.

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