4 Tips for Taking Care of Granite, Marble, Tile & Grout

Stone marble granite or tile countertopsThe beauty of stone countertops and ceramic tile has become more and more popular over the years.   These surfaces add a nice upscale touch to your home and actually add to the resale value.   Though stone and tile are loved for both the look and the durability, don’t take either for granted.   Like anything, stone and tile require proper care for the beauty to last and replacing or resurfacing can be quite costly.

Here are 4 tips to help keep your stone and tile surfaces looking their best while protecting your investment:

Beware of acid.  Vinegar, tomatoes, wine and other foods or liquids containing acids can eat away at the surface and create etches/rough spots that will require professional resurfacing.  Wipe up these spills immediately.

Use the right cleaners to keep your stone and tile surfaces clean.   Especially avoid cleaners that contain bleach, as it can compromise the sealants which protect the surface.   Warm, soapy water with a clean water rinse is your best option.

Bleach Pen?  Check.  Toothbrush?  Check.  A toothbrush is excellent for stains, and a regular laundry bleach pen is good for cleaning your tile grout.  Any chipped or broken areas can be easily cleaned out with a grout removal tool and it’s easy to fill in with fresh grout.

The 6-Month Seal Rule:  Every six months, reapply a surface sealant.   They’re very easy to use and will help prevent stains caused by food and spills being absorbed into the surface.   Choose professional-grade stone and tile cleaners and sealants, which you can find at your local hardware store.


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